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Welcoming Fall

Sep 21, 2020 | Nutrition, Self Care

Welcoming Fall

Today is Autumn Equinox, where the day and night are approximately equal in length. Traditionally, it is a time to reflect upon the past seasons, give thanks for the summer and pay tribute to the coming darkness.

Sep 21, 2020 | Nutrition, Self Care | 0 comments

Some other traditions include offerings of the season’s harvest of fruits and vegetables and feasting particularly on apples.

Ayurvedically speaking this is in complete alignment with the natural cleansing process that the season’s bounty offers.

At the end of each season, the elements that are dominant of the season build up in our bodies, and the natural world around us. In the summer this means the fire element. Unlike trees that bring the excess heat up their trunks and out the branches to the leaves where they dry up and fall off, we don’t have a built-in mechanism to dissipate this excess heat. We need to use food and lifestyle practices to facilitate this process. If the excess heat in our systems is not addressed, it can lead to excess dryness in the body and trigger the body to produce excess reactive mucus. This process is what leads us to be susceptible to colds and viruses.

So if you are interested in boosting your health and immunity this fall and winter otherwise known as the cold and flu season, you are ready for my fall into balance cleanse.

This cleanse is designed to rejuvenate, build, and nourish the system with whole foods, no supplements necessary. You will not feel depleted or deprived, you will leave with a clearer mind, stronger immunity, and most likely some weight loss.

I am offering my Fall into Balance cleanse on an individual or privately organized group basis. Please reach out to me for more details or to schedule your individual or group cleanse.


All my best and much love,

Sue Burhoe Massage Therapist


Candice Trudel is the owner of Live Well Nutrition and Ayurveda, LLC. She has grown her skillset to provide Holistic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicine Counseling, Energy and Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatments, as well as teaching Yoga locally in Nashua, NH.

Candice specializes in Women’s Health, Lyme Disease, Digestive Health, and Circadian Medicine.

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