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Intuitive Readings

Through open empathetic abilities, the Intuitive Practitioner is able to sense the emotions of those around them as well as offering unique clairvoyant ways of helping people by utilizing their gifts and many different types of tools.

Intuitive readings are different for everyone. Depending on the person conducting the reading, the focus can be on anything from; contacting spiritual guides or animals, tapping into past lives, working through a current hardship, or helping a client to activate their highest potential. As the name implies, the sessions are usually led intuitively, and any professional reader will tell you each of their sessions are unique and highly individual. For some, intuitive readings can feel like a “talk therapy” session. It all depends on what the client and intuitive reader intend for the session. For many, intuitive readings help provide clarity on life purpose or karmic cycles. Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings. Everyone is intuitive and everyone has the ability to read energy, but some people possess more pronounced strengths in using their intuitive gifts to access extra-sensory information. A good intuitive reader will always point a client to their own intuitive powers and help them access their own inner-knowing. A successful intuitive reading should leave the client feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about their own gifts and abilities, rather than feeling a need for the reader to “fix” them. The insights gathered should confirm what you already know and open you to greater wisdom on how to move forward in your life. Often elements such as cards, herbs, and other tools could be utilized to enhance the reading. The readings open a space for healing and trust of Spirit’s path for you, and how to gain objectivity in your life.

NHHHA’s readings are not about predicting the future, but more about empowering you to make choices that lead you to the life you want to live, in the manner you want to live it. We can assist you in clearing out the old, and connecting to the heart-centered, soul path that is supportive of your greatest joy.

NH Holistic Health Associates Nicole Hanson

Nicole Hanson

Nicole is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Nicole has completed certifications in; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Qi Gong, Numerology, IET, Chronotherapy, and Aromatherapy.

Nicole is also the Owner and Primary service provider at NHHHA. Feel free to contact Nicole directly @, or visit her bio page for more information.