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Mobile and NHHHA Health Center Services Available

Dr. Gabby understands there are some who might not be comfortable having a doctor come to their home. She also does not have the ability to travel to Massachusetts patients. NHHHA is the perfect meeting spot for those who would like to seek her services within these circumstances.

About Mobile Chiropractic Services:


Convenient: Skip the hassle of trying to find space in your busy schedule! No more need to leave work early or travel to your appointments. Dr. Gabby is flexible with your schedule and can bring everything needed for an appointment to your appointment.

Save Time: Time is a valuable commodity and mobile chiropractic is a great way to find that extra “me-time.” Typical chiropractic appointments have you spending more time commuting and in the waiting room than with your doctor. Dr. Gabby’s mobile service spares you the trouble of wasting time and allows you to use it for something you can enjoy.

Longer Appointments: It’s not often we get quality time with our doctors which is exactly what mobile chiropractic care can provide you. Dr. Gabby’s appointments are longer and allow for a thorough consult, examination, and adjustment. They also afford the ability for her to spend longer on soft tissue therapy, stretching, exercises and lifestyle guidance.

Dr. Gabrielle Cohen

Empowering Holistic Wellness

Dr. Gabby values one-to-one personal care, and her passion for wellness is truly what makes her care second to none. She started her own practice for just this reason; because she wants to be able to provide the quality of care that she knows is best for her clients.