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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is translated as “the science of life” and is India’s traditional system of medicine that has been practiced for over 5,000 years and is still practiced today all over the world.

Ayurvedic medicine was practiced in tune with the connection of the human body to the natural world and the circadian rhythms surrounding each. It is known as the original diet and lifestyle philosophy containing within its teachings, wisdom of universal knowledge. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of leading a life that brings one purpose, otherwise known as fulfilling your dharma. Along with this, Ayurveda uses a 5-element theory that makes up everything in nature, from the seasons, to time of life, to the food we eat, to the human body itself. A different proportion distribution of the 5 elements is what gives rise to each person’s unique Ayurvedic body/mind type and dictates which diet and lifestyle choices support each person as an individual.

There is no one size fits all mindset when practicing Ayurveda, and working with an Ayurvedic practitioner helps people live in tune with their own nature and enables them to finally get away from the fad diets and quick fixes, as they will be living and acting according to their unique constitutions.

Candice Trudel

Candice Trudel is the owner of Live Well Nutrition and Ayurveda, LLC. She has grown her skillset to provide Holistic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicine Counseling, Energy and Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatments, as well as teaching Yoga locally in Nashua, NH.

Candice specializes in Women’s Health, Lyme Disease, Digestive Health, and Circadian Medicine.

Candice also provides the following services:

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurvedic Medicine

Holistic Nutrition