Mama, take care of YOU!

May 19, 2020 | Self Care, Stress

Mama, take care of YOU!

Self Care Tips During This Unprecedented Time

May 19, 2020 | Self Care, Stress | 0 comments

Mamas, my heart goes out to you right now!

If you need a break, take it BEFORE you breakdown!

Have the chores, homeschooling, lack of communication gotten to you? You are definitely not alone. Time to Try some self-care!

Being a mom myself I know how difficult it can be to take time to yourself. With a household to run, Children to care for, jobs to do, and friendships to keep up with, it is no wonder sometimes as moms we feel like we are spinning in all directions. Now with the addition of homeschooling on top of it, and having more family time than ever before, you may feel like you just need a time out, or a place to escape.
Have you ever just wanted to run and hide creating a few minutes of peace and solitude?

There is no need to feel guilty for feeling this way! I remember locking myself in my bathroom at times for a mom’s time out when my son was young (and even longer when he was a teen). Maybe only moms can understand! You just cannot pour from an empty cup as the saying goes. So how do we as mothers keep our cup filled so we can care for others and be the best parents possible during these challenging times? We have one of the most important and honorable jobs in raising another human. We need to take care of ourselves so we can care better for our children. How can we do this?


MAKE time for yourself!
Carve out at LEAST 15 minutes each day just to yourself (more if possible but be gentle with yourself). Take that time to reset and do whatever it is that makes YOU feel good! Here are a few tips for self-care.
Self Care By Journaling
  • Journal – write down feelings and emotions. Reflect… when did you first have those feelings? This may be a good tool to see if emotions are from your current situation or if they are being held onto from past experiences.
    Keep a gratitude journal – Write down ten things you are grateful for every day.
  • Self-Reflexology (& bribe the kids to do it too) – Points on the hands and feet bring about a feeling of peace and relaxation. Points correspond to every part of the body through the nervous system. By applying pressure to specific points, it may lead to a decrease in pain, and tension. When my son was young, we often traded reflexology sessions. The solar plexus reflexology points just under the ball of the foot (both feet) is a GREAT point to reduce stress, ease anxiety, help with sleep, and bring about a sense of peacefulness. What mom does not need more peace! Press, rub, hold the solar plexus reflexology point. You can find many
    reflexology charts online to find more points to work.
Self Care in Meditation
  • Meditation – clear your mind – think about being at one of your favorite places that feels safe and comforting. Really be there in your mind. Notice colors, smells, FEEL being in that spot.
    Another technique is to just sit focusing on your senses. What do you hear, feel, smell, taste. FEEL your feet on the ground. Sometimes we cannot stop the noise or chaos we hear but we can learn to remain calm and peaceful through it. There are some great YouTube videos to learn meditation for beginners.
  • Breathwork – inhale to count of 4, 5, or 6 holds for the same amount of time and exhale the same amount of time. This tool is so valuable, and you can do it anywhere! Just a few minutes can help you feel more focused, more clarity, and calmer. Here is a video that a personal friend did that explains this breathing technique.
  • Take a nice warm bath with Epsom salt. Epsom salt provides magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. Epsom salt baths reduce soreness and pain, reduces stress, and promotes a good night’s sleep. If you do not like baths or don’t have time you can always just soak your feet in Epsom salt. It is great to relieve tired aching feet.

When we take the time to care for ourselves, we can then show up to caretake for others in a much more loving authentic joyful way.

I hope you find these DIY self-care tips helpful and when you have time to get away from the kiddos, I invite you to rest, relax, and reset your body and mind on my table! I offer many types of stress reduction and relaxation sessions such as reflexology, massage, energy healing and balancing, and cranial sacral therapy.

Andrea Montgomery is a nationally certified licensed massage therapist and foot reflexologist in MA and NH. Andrea graduated from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2001 and holds over 1500+ hours of continuing training. She combines intuition with a unique holistic approach that blends many types of massage and energetic modalities to help clients achieve personal wellness.


Sole Tranquility Reflexology and Integrative Therapies is located within NH Holistic Health Associates in Nashua NH. To schedule an appointment visit or call (603) 234 5769.

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