Empath School

Levels 101 & 102

Max attendees for Empath 101/102 will be 6 due to CV-19 regulations and Social Distancing. All classes will be held in person at the NHHHA Facility unless a new stay at home order is created. Should that happen all classes will occur as scheduled but they will be via Zoom or other online video resource.

“Thank you so much for the Empath 101 Class. I learned a lot of information but was also able to put different experiences and parts of me together with this information and show that I’m one whole person with many facets. This class got me thinking about things from a different perspective too!. The environment you create is a culture of peace, calm, and safety. Thank you for your time, energy, and caring for us all.”

– Janice K.

Empath School 101

Classes start November 4th

What is Empath School 101?

This course is a six-module, six-month class beginning on November 4th. This class is developed to help you learn more about how you interact with the world, what it will take for you to achieve peace and happiness, and the knowledge of how to better handle your experience. There will be 6 modules that will guide through understanding what being an empath means and how to adapt to being one in your everyday.

Each month you will have a class meeting. You can opt for a monthly one on one with Nicole at a discounted rate as well, and a group field trip will be offered for an additional fee.

If you’re an Empath, you pick up on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of other people around you all the time. It can be tough to know if what you’re experiencing is truly yours — or someone else’s! You can manage it and turn it into STRENGTH!

Where will the meetings be held?

Individual meetings will be at NH holistic Health Associates Center in Nashua NH.

Why should I enroll?

If you’re an empath, you pick up on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of other people around you all the time. It can be tough to know if what you’re experiencing is truly yours — or someone else’s! You can manage it and turn it into STRENGTH!

Empath School 201

Empath 101 must be completed to enroll. Classes start on October 19th, Only a few spots are left for this class.

Empath 202 covers the following topics in-depth:

Angels, Guides, and Masters

Pendulums and Crystals

Oracle Cards and Tarot Decks

Sleep, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection

Smudging, Saging, and Essential Oils

Developing Empathic Gifts

*Bonus Module: Relationships and Empaths

Classes start on September 21st. We will be meeting the third Monday of every month for six months with a bonus module session in the final month.

Cost is $150 per month for class, supplies, and a one-hour private session with Nicole. Budget-Friendly Option is $75 per month for the class and supplies. Each Module will have a gift (Supplies) from Nicole for you as a tool to assist in the learning and your development. Please contact Nicole directly to be considered for the Budget-Friendly classes.

Additional Information and Payment Details:

Empath 101

Payment: There are two options for this class; The first is $ 125/month and Includes; a monthly 1:1 with Nicole and the Group In-Person Meetings

The Secondary Option: $50/month Includes; the group in person and “on need” basis contact via text/phone/email. Should you decide that you want to hold a 1:1 with Nicole during the duration of the class it will be $75 for that appointment ($55 discounted rate). Both are six-month obligations.

After attending the first class, sequential payments will be made to Nicole directly on the day of the next class or during your 1:1 whichever occurs first in that month. Payment forms accepted are; Venmo (preferred), cash, check, and credit card (3.5% fee added to amount).

Attendance: During group meetings are when the current month’s materials will be covered. If you can’t make it you can schedule with Nicole to review the materials at another time, this will be for an additional fee of $50. It’s important to attend these meetings. Your 1:1’s will be scheduled each month according to individual availability (24-hour cancellation policy applies).

Expectations: The expectations of this small group course are as follows:

Maintain the highest level of respect and confidentiality in regard to your group peers and elements they share.

Be humble and practice common courtesy when interacting with your peers and the instructor.

Provide feedback to the instructor about elements you enjoy and elements that could be improved. You will be required to provide a testimonial at the close of the course.

Outcome: The outcome of this course is for you to have a better understanding of; self, how you work in this world, your energy and others’ energies, spiritual hygiene and focus, your intuition, tools to help, and living your highest and best good.

Nicole Hanson

Nicole is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Nicole has completed certifications in; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Qi Gong, Numerology, IET, Chronotherapy, and Aromatherapy.

Nicole is also the Owner and Primary service provider at NHHHA. Feel free to contact Nicole directly @ nlh@nhhha.com, or visit her bio page for more information.