Am I an Empath?

And, what does that mean?

So often now we are hearing the term “Empath”. What does it mean? Well, in short being an empath is a blessing if you know how to manage your energy and have the ability to discern that what you are experiencing is yours alone or belongs to others.

So, what is an Empath?

An empath is an individual who is often called sensitive. They tend to “experience/feel/sense” what other people are experiencing as they are actually going through it. Empaths often pick up on the vibe of a person, place, or environment. Sometimes this includes thoughts, sensations, and emotions from those around you. This can be a struggle if you aren’t able to tell if it’s your or someone else’s!

With the proper knowledge and best practices, you can turn being an Empath into a strength. Techniques such as grounding, clearing, and protecting are a must for individuals such as this.

When you’re an empath you will often experience a physical reaction to another’s experience. This is very different from having empathy. This chart helps to explain the difference:

If you believe you are experiencing more than just a high level of empathy, and you are looking to learn more about being an empath and how to make it a strength, Empath School 101 is the course for you!

Empath School 101

What is Empath School 101?

This course is a six-module, One Day class, to help you learn more about how you interact with the world, what it will take for you to achieve peace and happiness, and the knowledge of how to better handle your experience. There will be 6 modules that will guide you through understanding what being an empath means and how to adapt to being one in your everyday life.

Modules and Topics Covered in Empath 101

• Module One:

– What is an Empath? Am I One?

– Spiritual Hygiene

– What Kind of Empath are You?

• Module Two:

– The Chakras

– Balancing and Aligning

– Protection and Grounding

• Module Three:

– Cord Cutting

– Energy Release

– Negative Emotions

• Module Four:

– Crystals and Stones for Assistance

– Meditation as a Tool

– Trusting your Intuition

• Module Five:

– Sound Therapy

– Energy Healing

– Sacred Spaces

• Module Six:

– Self-Healing and Love

– Forgiveness

– The Heart Wall


This course occurs once a year in the monthly format for six months, and typically begins in September. This class will also be offered once a year in a one-day format.


The expectations of this small group course are as follows:

· Maintain the highest level of respect and confidentiality in regard to your group peers and elements they share.

· Be humble and practice common courtesy when interacting with your peers and the instructor.

· Provide feedback to the instructor about elements you enjoy and elements that could be improved.

· You will be required to provide a testimonial at the close of the course.


The Iowa One-day Intensive cost of this class is $300 per person. If you refer an additional student, you and the referral will receive a $25 discount on your tuition.

New Hampshire Classes start in the Fall of 2022, the cost is $65 per module.

Registration and Payment:

Contact Nicole to reserve your spot in the class.

“Thank you so much for the Empath 101 Class. I learned a lot of information but was also able to put different experiences and parts of me together with this information and show that I’m one whole person with many facets. This class got me thinking about things from a different perspective too!. The environment you create is a culture of peace, calm, and safety. Thank you for your time, energy, and caring for us all.”

– Janice K.

Empath School Continuing Education

The Empath School Community is a group of individuals who have taken a minimum of Empath School 101. We gather virtually and in person to share, grow, and have fun with like-minded individuals. Once enrolled you will become part of this community. Ongoing training for Empath School students includes; Empath 201, Empath 301, and Empath 302. These tiers are in place to allow the proper assimilation of information over time. Join us!

Empath School 201

The next level of continuation regarding being an Empath and growing on a spiritual path that will serve your gifts and your life. Empath School 201 is a 6-month six-module course that is taught once a year and begins in September. The elements of this course can be broken up into separate workshops, however; the information is too grande to assimilate in a one-day format. Each module of this course is accompanied by a gift from the instructor to assist in the learning and development.

Empath 202 covers the following topics in-depth:

Angels, Guides, and Masters

Pendulums and Crystals

Oracle Cards and Tarot Decks

Sleep, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection

Relationships and Empaths

Empath School 301

Another level of knowledge and continuation of spiritual and personal development is offered in the same six-module, six-month course. In Empath School 301 we will broaden our understanding of topics from both 101 and 201 while introducing new concepts as well. This course’s work is only taught in the six-month format. On occasion, Nicole may offer one of the modules as a workshop. 301, offers overviews about the following topics:

Empath 301 covers the following topics in-depth:


Wicca/Pagan Practices

The Medicine Wheel

Love Languages



Empath School 302 and 303

These classes are in the process of creation and would be offered by invitation only to students who have mastered the 101, 201, and 301 curriculum.

Although not final the topics to be developed and reviews will include:

The Five Aggreements

Demons & Extraterrestrials


Fairies and other supernatural beings


I Ching

Channeling and mediumship


Feng Shui


Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

Akashic Records
and beyond….

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