The NH Holistic Health Associates Staff are committed to providing a safe healthy environment for all clients. Due to recent events, there are some new guidelines and changes that will now be implemented in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

An update regarding New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates, You, and COVID-19

NHHHA does not require the wearing of masks or the disclosure of vaccination status. We believe that the Covid 19 pandemic is a very personal event and can affect individuals based upon their health needs, family structures, and more. No practitioner will be disclosing their vaccination status nor will they wear a mask unless agreed upon between the client and the provider. Classes are back in person and going well. Masks are not required during classes but we have decreased the number of seats available to help ensure distancing to avoid any obstacles arising.

Please do your part in not attending a scheduled visit or workshop if you are experiencing any symptoms related to the Covid 19 Virus or if you have been exposed to another with symptoms within 3 days.

Thank you for helping us return to the TRUE normal.



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