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Back to Normal

Jun 10, 2020 | Mindfulness, Self Care, Stress

Back to Normal

How do I get there and do I really want to?

So many of my friends, family, and clients are all feeling the same way. Confused is the best word for it. We all want things to be as they were but, in the same breath, we don’t necessarily all want to get back to everything that we were doing before this crisis. But, the change is inevitable. My advice to them and to you is as follows.

1.) Take a good hard look at your life’s priorities.

What is truly important to you? I personally made my top 5 list. If you have more than five things that you want to include go ahead and do so. Seeing this list on paper will help you in deciding what elements to focus on first and ease the agony of change.

2.) Once you know your priorities;

start categorizing everything else under one of them or under the category of additional needs/wants. Think of all the elements of your life as you knew if pre-COVID-19. Write these elements in their categories.

3.) Now that you have compartmentalized your “life” on paper you can most likely see that one or two categories take precedent over the others.

If this isn’t the case than dig deeper. Break those elements down into their sub-elements and list them as well. Continue this until it is clear to you which category or two that warrant your focus first.

4.) Look at your top two categories and figure out how you can reincorporate them into your life in a way that brings you the most joy and peace.

Ask yourself if it is easy to accomplish these elements or difficult. Follow that up with your reasoning as to why it is or isn’t. Perhaps you’ll find that the effort isn’t worth work or perhaps you’ll find that the easiest elements are the most important ones to you. However, it unfolds is exactly as you want and need it to be.

5.) Now that you’ve gone through the top two set a date, not to far out though, to review the other top categories and their elements.

Go through each of them as you did for your top one or two. Not long after that go through the additional wants/needs elements. Clear away the ones that aren’t worth the work. Clear away the ones that don’t hold a high enough reward. Clear away the ones that cause your top two categories to suffer. Yup, I said it….. if any category or element has a direct negative effect on your top one or two, remove it from your life. Let this be the silver lining that this awful crisis gave you.

Re-prioritizing is not easy. It can actually be very difficult and sometimes traumatic. Just know that after it is all said and done you will be left all the parts of your life that bring you happiness and fulfillment. The approach explained above is a mindfulness tactic to help you to realize what has and hasn’t been working for your highest and best good. Change is inevitable. Often there is something that was so important to you at one time but now, it’s not that important. It’s normal to see and feel this. Let it be less important. One day it might regain priority but for now, give it to the back burner.

If there is one thing that I have learned through all of this COVID-19 drama and suffering; life can change in the blink of an eye, knowing who and what is most important to you should be at the epicenter for everything you focus your attention and energy on. If we were stripped of all our freedoms who and what are there for you…… I have a feeling it is the top one or two priorities.

Should you need assistance and/or guidance in going through this exercise please schedule with, or email me for more details!



Are you interested in learning more about Mindfulness? Nicole provides Mindfulness Training Classes at The New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates center in Nashua, NH. She also provides one on one Distance Healing courses and Mindfulness Training via Zoom.

Nicole’s Education includes a B.A. in Psychology and a M.Ed., concentration in counseling from Rivier University. She holds an additional post-graduate certificate in Human Resources form SNHU. In addition to her formal education, Nicole is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Nicole has completed certifications in; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Qi Gong, Numerology, IET, Chronotherapy, and Aromatherapy.

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