We are a shared location in which many different providers work together to provide their clients, family, and friends with a safe and inclusive environment to improve their overall health by enhancing their mind, body, soul connection.

Elemental Wellness and Beauty Nashua New Hampshire

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The next session of Empath School 101 starts this September!

New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Empath School

There are limited spaces left for this year’s group class. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nicole and express your interest or learn more. This is our fourth year educating our Spiritual/Energetic beginner and intermediate students.

Don’t miss your chance to join this wonderful network of like-minded individuals in a small supportive and empowering setting.

New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Empath School

This Year’s Litha Celebration was a Huge Success!

Litha was an amazing magical celebration encompassing a beautiful group of like-minded women who experienced a day filled with energy empowerment and light. The retreat was filled with laughter and a strong spiritual influence aside from the weather. I am filled with gratitude and peace. Looking forward to connecting again.
~So Moto it Be
Lisa V

New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Litha Celebration 2022
Sign up for our next Wheel of The Year “Lammas” Celebration!
Sunday, August 1 @ 6:30pm – 8:00pm


Join Our Monthly Full Moon Socials!

Learn more about these monthly social events on our Facebook Events page!

Monthly Full Moon Social
Monthly Full Moon Social

Witch Path to the Burning Broom Coven Educational Series

NHHHA Witch Path Workshop

Witch Path is an education workshop series in which you will learn the basics of what it means to be a secular witch and practice magic for good.

This is our program’s inaugural year, and we can’t be more excited. Spaces are limited as the class is already at 50% capacity.

What does it entail: There will be some reading to do before the classes start and at each meeting, you will receive the curriculum a week in advance so you are prepared to come to class with the basic knowledge and get practicing what you’ve learned.

At the end of this program, you will be ready for Invocation at our Private Samhain Event. This is an 8-class (2 per session) commitment. All Materials provided will be placed into a new Grimoire for you as you move through the training.

Should you graduate and desire to participate in the Invocation ceremony you will be gifted the official dress for the Burning Broom Coven*.

* If agreed upon by the standing members and your desire is to join the Coven.

This year’s schedule is as follows:
Witch Path to the Burning Broom, Summer/Fall 2022 Schedule

· Meeting 1 & 2 – Wednesday, August 17th at 6-8pm

· Meeting 3 & 4 – Wednesday, August 31st at 6-8pm

· Meeting 5 & 6 – Wednesday, September 14th 6-8pm

· Meeting 7 & 8 – Wednesday, September 28th 6-8pm

After the Invocation ceremony and being sworn into the Coven (Should you choose this path), you will be offered to join for a One Year Trial Membership and continued education.

More information will be shared regarding what that entails as time draws nearer.

This is a Sacred Group Setting, the commitment within needs to be 100% to even be considered. Please keep that in mind when expressing interest and understand that we are very discerning when it comes to membership.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to Nicole.

NHHHA Witch Path Workshop

Wellness Start-up Special

With Nicole Hanson

Start-up Special

Classroom at Elemental Wellness and Beauty

Total Cost: $400 per person.

How can I get started with my wellness goals? Book the Start-Up special with Nicole now!

The start-up special includes:

· One, 90-minute initial intake appointment; this is when a full history is taken and a plan is co-created for the following sessions.

· Three, 55-minute sessions; to be scheduled individually at a time that works for the client. In these sessions, multiple tolls will be created to improve your overall perspective and health.

· Constant contact; Nicole is available to her clients for guidance as life circumstances arise. Phone calls and text messaging are commonplace once the relationship is established. Nicole has found that in the moment support helps the client in the moment and is then used later in the session as a reference point.

The cost for the Startup special is $400. The initial intake session is $169 at the time of booking. The follow-up sessions are then $77 each. Once the package has been completed the normal hourly rate will ensue on a scheduled basis that works for the client’s schedule and budget. Most clients change to a bi-weekly visit or monthly visit. Oftentimes clients enter the educational workshops as well to be exposed to other practitioners and their offerings.

*Select the Startup Package Session once the booking page loads.

Start-up Special

The Wheel of the Year: seven-part workshop

With Nicole Hanson

Wheel of The Year
2022 Fifth Class “Lammas”
Sunday, August 1 @ 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Classroom at Elemental Wellness and Beauty

Cost: $30 per person/class.

The Wheel mimics the cycles of the seasons, with an archetype that holds each point of the wheel. These ancient deities offer their own inherent wisdom and insight that can offer clarity, direction, and healing for us on a personal level. This shamanic tool assists us in our own journey in life as you become familiar with each point and the energies held there.

Our time together will start off with learning about the point that we are at with the calendar, about the deity, her legends, and lore. The group will then be loed on a shamanic journey in that direction, to work with the deity directly to obtain insight and clarity for yourself. The evening will conclude with a fire ceremony – to release that which is ready to be released, and to call in what you would like more of in your life.

Bring a hand drum or rattle, paper and pen for any journaling you may want to do, an eye cover for the journey (a scarf works well), and anything else for your personal comfort. There are 12 spaces for attendees in person, and you can also attend virtually.

Learn More About This 8-Part Workshop Here

*Select the Date once the booking page loads.

Wheel of The Year

Making Holistic Health Care Accessible

Our talented staff of Alternative Health Practitioners work closely together to make Holistic Health Care and Coaching Services accessible and available to you in one central location.

We offer a diverse and complementary blend of integrated choices aimed in assisting our clients on their path to improve and optimize their health…



Established clients, you may also book your next appointment online.

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Nicole is one of my favorite people ever! She is so genuine in her desire to support other women in particular. She is so knowledgeable in so many areas of holistic wellness and has a passion for sharing her info. Nicole creates an amazing community and really has a way of bringing like-minded people together. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity!

~Nancy H.

Hew Hampshire Holistic Health Associates are proud to be the Winner of the Telegraph “Best Of” for two years running in the best Holistic Centers and Hypnotherapy Categories!

New Hampshire Holistic Health Associates Best of 2020


New Hampshire Holistic Health Care is Expanding and Diversifying

We are currently looking for beauty-based practitioners as well as Holistic Care Practitioners to join our busy team. We offer a diverse and complementary blend of integrated choices aimed at assisting our clients on their path to improving and optimizing their health.
If you’re looking to be part of a co-op where we work on not only our own practice but on building business for our peers, please reach out to Nicole directly at nicole@nhholistichealth.com or call 603-264-7373 today!
Our room rental rates are competitive and affordable!
We are looking for the following professional service providers:

Licensed Massage Therapist



Mental Health Counselor

Relationship Counselor

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